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BlankPoint BlankPoint"

Donita with Reg Lindsay, Nev Nicholls & Husband Bob Scanlon

Donita with Johnny Cash

Donita, Geoff Mack, Tabbi Mack, Nev Nicholls, Mary Schnieder, Cowboy Bob Purtell & Husband Bob Scanlan

Donita, Geoff Mack, Tabbi Mack, Nev Nicholls, Mary & Rita Schnieder (The Schneider Sisters)

Donita With The Osmonds

Donita & Chet Atkins

Donita & Emmylou Harris

Donita with Frank Ifield & Lucky Star

Donita & Reg Lindsay

Donita with Phil Emmanuel

Donita with Kitty Wells & son Bobby Wright

Donita with Merle Haggard

Donita at Geoff Mack's 90th Birthday
Donita with hubby Bob
Donita & Bob at Geoff Mack's 90th Birthday

Donita's dress is a perminature fixture at Tamworth Musuem

Donita was privilidged to do many shows with The great Budy Williams
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